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NewsWhat are the Best Smartphones for Kids Online Classes?

What are the Best Smartphones for Kids Online Classes?

The necessity of smartphones in students’ life increased way more due to the pandemic outbreak of coronavirus. In the lockdown period, most of the schools and educational institutes initiated online educational programs. Having a smartphone is mandatory for every student in terms of attending online classes. Most guardians are confused about selecting the right smartphones for their kids’ online classes. Pricier models with advanced technology and features are not necessarily required for kids. Instead, basic models that are efficient in delivering stable performances are the better choices for the online classes of kids. Anyway, you must not forget to select the right cell phone insurance provider to secure your phone in a better way.

Top Smartphone Models for Online Classes of Kids

Here we are listing out our top choices for the online classes of kids among all the smartphones.

Realme C12

This budget smartphone from Realme is a standard performer that is perfectly suitable for your kid. This model comes with a RAM of 3 GB that offers high-class performance. Your kid can use the storage of 32 GB for keeping important notes and documents. The user-friendly interface of the phone is straightforward to handle, and kids can use the apps comfortably. The decent front and rear cameras ensure better picture quality for online classes and video calls.

The most impressive feature of this phone is the 6000 mAh battery that’s perfect for a prolonged usage period. This smartphone fulfills all the necessary criteria for online classes. You can buy this phone for your kid to make his online learning experience better.

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Redmi 9 Prime

Redmi is already famous among all the smartphone brands for manufacturing budget smartphones with incredible features. This model from Redmi can be a compact choice for your kid’s online classes. Redmi 9 Prime offers 4 GB RAM along with 64 GB storage that is quite impressive in this price segment. The higher storage capacity of this phone allows your kid to store more data without any issue. The 5000 mAh battery of this smartphone provides almost 8 hours of battery backup. This model comes with the latest version of Android and MIUI that contain several attractive features.

Vivo Y50

Y50 is a mid-range beast from Vivo that offers a wide range of specifications and features. With the smooth ultra-edge display, your kid can watch educational videos in better resolutions. You get 8 GB RAM and 128 GB storage with this smartphone, which keeps this phone in an advanced position among all smartphones. No other model in this range offers higher RAM or storage capacity than this. The smarter Snapdragon 665 processor of this phone never makes you compromise with the fast performance. Your kid can run all the applications smoothly due to the higher clock speed of the processor.

Samsung Galaxy M31

It’s not possible to make a list of performing smartphones without including a Samsung smartphone. This smartphone from Samsung is worth paying for indeed. The 6 GB RAM of M31 delivers all-round performance that is highly required for studying online. Apart from that, this model will leave you surprised with the better picture quality due to the quad-camera setup. Along with the other features, this model also includes smarter connectivity features that make this device easy to connect with other devices. Your kid will never complain about the visual experience as the supreme display quality of this device. Moreover, you get a warranty for a year with this smartphone from Samsung.

Apple iPhone SE

An iPhone will be a better option for those who have higher budgets. Apple iPhone SE is the basic model of the iPhone that is favorable for your kid’s online classes. Though this model is way behind other models in terms of features and specs, it is a consistent performer. This model comes with the advanced Apple A9 processor that is made for standard performance. The high-quality camera of this device allows your kid to record videos in higher resolutions without any interruption. In simple words, this is one of the best models for kids for their online classes. A secure iPhone insurance plan will be better for you in terms of securing your kid’s phone.


These are the best smartphone options that you can buy for your kid. Each of these mid-budget smartphones is efficient in fulfilling the essential requirement for online classes. Each of these models comes with unique features and benefits. You should consider your budget and select one of these options that you can afford.

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