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CareerThe 5 Tips for Hiring an Independent Photographer

The 5 Tips for Hiring an Independent Photographer

Appropriate images can determine the success of content marketing. Get great photos of your product, and it may be the basis for your marketing efforts going forward. Failure to pay attention to details such as security considerations can lead to disasters and a waste of time and money.

Applying for Freelance Photography Job or advertising for the freelance photographer will significantly benefit both the parties. If you are planning to hire them for certain photoshoots or photography on part-time or freelance efficiency, then obviously it will save massive money, time and effort.

Consider 5 Tips before Hiring a Commercial Freelance Photographer

1: Who agrees to the Terms of Use and Owns the Copyright?

Discuss the terms of use for the photo and ask the photographer to include the corresponding fee in the quote. Photographers may charge more for unlimited use of images, but it is also beneficial to purchase copyright and ownership of the images. If this is not the case, then each planned usage should be clearly stated and, if applicable, the photographer should be compensated for future usage.

There is more and more file sharing websites like Dropbox. A popular option for quick image sharing. Check with your photographer if you want to send images on a flash drive, DVD, or website. Many photographers rely on a flash drive to transfer files to other clients, so please return the flash drive immediately.

2: Always Ask The Photographer For A Quote

Ask The Photographer For A Quote

Do not assume that the quote provided by email or phone includes all charges. Ask your photographer for a detailed estimate of travel, photography, and processing costs. It also clarifies the high-resolution jobs and photo editing performed by the photographer before submitting the file.

If you have an internal photo editor that can modify the colour of the image, you may not need to do anything with the file.

Include travel-related costs flights, hotels, car rentals, meals, parking, etc. in your photo budget.

3: Provide A Concise Outlet List

It cannot be exaggerated that your shot list, also known as a photographer’s guide, should be as clear as possible. Don’t assume that the photographer understands your product, client, location, etc. In fact, it’s best to provide too much information, so you don’t miss important details.

The shortlist should contain all the required image requests. Don’t forget to ask your creative team for feedback and give them the flexibility to think outside the box.

Just because you need a product image doesn’t mean that you don’t have an environment-supported image that you can capture during your photo and use it for backgrounds or creative treatments.

4: Check Safety Requirements

As important as the shortlist is the safety requirement. If your photography has specific security requirements, be sure to include them in your shot list. It may contain some examples.

Check photography Safety Requirements

  • Make sure the equipment operator is wearing a seatbelt.
  • Make sure that other workers are not too close to the moving machine.
  • Follow the recommended operating procedure and use it safely.
  • Place the machine accessories in a static or non-working outlet on the ground.
  • Do not allow operators or employees to sit, stand, or lean on the machine.

Check with your legal and security departments to create a checklist for each photoshoot. Hold the photographer responsible for these standards, even if that means asking the operator to make corrections or to require the operator to comply with the required safety standards.

5: Travel, Local Contact, Address Summary

Photography in evening

Create an overview or action plan for each photoshoot. Includes the photographer’s travel plans, client’s local contact information, and directions to the photography site. If you are unable to accompany the photographer to the photoshoot, contact your local contact, such as an equipment dealer, to meet the photographer and ask if they can provide assistance if needed.

Please submit your action plan to the photographer at least three business days before your trip. Call the photographer to discuss logistics and answer your questions. Enter your mobile number in case something goes wrong, especially after normal business hours.

Call the client the day before the photoshoot for more information. For example, in the construction industry, projects can change from day to day. Please inform the photographer or local contact who will help you with the photo session about the last change.

If you follow these five tips, you can expect greater success in photography. Also, training freelance photographers on products, standard shortlists, and safety requirements will make it easier to plan and carry out future photography.


Make the points mentioned above as prior before hiring any freelance photographer. If you are advertising for any Freelance Photography Jobs on dormzi or any other the social channel, then never miss detailing your requirements. This will crucially help photographers to know if they have such skills before applying for the vacancy. For more updates on freelance jobs, VA career options and hacks.

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