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TechHere's How Mobile Technologies Are Shaping a New Generation

Here’s How Mobile Technologies Are Shaping a New Generation

Mobile technology has come a long way. Over a decade ago, most computers were not even linked to the internet. Today, not just our computers, but mobiles, tablets, and laptops are all online, connected, and portable. 8GB RAM mobile devices have almost completely replaced computers for everyday tasks, office work, and even entertainment.

Phones have become a central part of our lives and are a necessity that we cannot do without. Imagine spending an entire day without your mobile device; you can’t, can you?

The New Gen-I

So how did this change take shape? Did it happen overnight, or was it something that took years in the making? One of the major turning points was the cheap and easy availability of mobile internet bandwidth for the masses. Mobile internet in India is among the cheapest in the world, and most individuals with phones can be found online, thanks to the easy availability of budget-friendly mobiles under 20000 INR.

Today, we have over half a billion smartphone users in the country! The spread of the internet has had such a major impact on today’s generation that Bill Gates coined the term “Generation I”. A generation that is making decisions and is shaped by what they see online.

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Social Media

Ten years ago, social media was a nice way to connect with old friends, family members, and acquaintances. Today, this giant has evolved into anything but that. The complexity of social media is so huge that it’s hard to put your finger on what it is actually intended for.

It’s a marketplace for goods and services, a platform for marketing businesses, a hangout zone for people with matching interests, a source of news, a source of entertainment, and so much more. The evolution of social media is, without a doubt, the biggest social change that has come about as a result of mobile technology.

Easy Access to Information

Have a terrible toothache? Why visit the dentist when you can simply search for your symptoms online? The spread of the internet has resulted in easy and quick access to information. This world of data is there at the fingertips of anyone with a mobile device. Interesting fact: two-thirds of 11-13 year olds have their own mobile device today. Parents are waking up to the fact that their children are not just more curious about the world, but know a lot more than them when they were that age.

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Online Payments

Cash transactions have been replaced by online payment apps like Paytm, PhonePay, and others. The popularity of these mobile payments saw a spike post demonetization, where paying online wasn’t just convenient, but the only option. Retailers and businesses quickly adopted this new payment method to stay up-to-date with customer demand. Today, most retailers and businesses accept online payments from one or the other payment app. This is great news as it avoids a visit to the ATM and the hassle of carrying a wallet at all times.

Online News

The consumption of news has moved from cable and dish TV to online. Ease of sharing and the ability to view different perspectives on one device has made it popular among the masses.

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