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Health & Beauty5 Dental Procedures for a Great Smile

5 Dental Procedures for a Great Smile

Your smile is one of the first few things that others notice and can play a pivotal role in developing your confidence and influencing how you present yourself. Having the perfect smile is an asset that changes the way you look and feel.

Due to easy access to innovative cosmetic dental procedures, anyone can achieve a great smile and improve oral health. If you also wish to get a perfect smile, continue reading to learn more about the most common cosmetic dental procedures which can help you achieve this goal. Of you can also check this website to get more information about the same.

Five Cosmetic Dental Procedures

1. Braces

The first step to getting a perfect smile is to fix crooked teeth. In the year 2022, as per the stats by Americas Health Rankings, around 65-72% of adults aged 18 to 65+ in Washington visited dentists. They visited dentists for regular oral health checkups, while many visited for consultation regarding dental issues, including crooked teeth.

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Often people have misaligned or crooked teeth, which create problems in chewing and maintaining oral hygiene and make them conscious. The best solution to aligning your teeth is to get braces that exert pressure on the teeth and gently move them back into their appropriate spaces. If you have crooked teeth, then book a dentist appointment near you to get braces.

Regardless of where you reside in Washington, you can locate the most experienced dentists near you through your preferred search engine. If you are living in one of the cities of Washington’s counties, for example, Kirkland, and wish to have braces, you can easily find an expert by looking up the best braces dentist near me in Kirkland, and you will get a list of the available options.

The braces consist of ceramic, metal, or plastic brackets that fit onto the teeth. You can also opt for invisible braces, which are less noticeable since they are transparent, or you can get lingual braces placed behind the teeth.

2. Whitening

It is natural for your teeth to lose luster and shine over time. Drinking coffee and tea or smoking can also discolor your teeth with time. To restore the original brightness of your teeth, dental experts recommend opting for teeth whitening, a procedure involving the use of chemicals to remove stains from the enamel of the teeth. This process usually includes teeth scaling to remove any plaque, after which the dentist uses bleach or peroxide on the teeth to lighten them. It is much more effective than home remedies.

3. Dental Bonding

Often people may develop cavities because of poor oral hygiene or have chipped uneven teeth, either naturally or after an injury. These cavities and unequal teeth can dampen a person’s self-confidence by affecting their most valuable asset, which is their smile. Dental bonding is the best remedy to deal with this problem. It is a non-invasive, simple, and safe procedure that takes around thirty minutes per tooth. During this procedure, the dentist directly applies a substance that is the exact shade of the tooth onto the affected teeth. Doing so fixes small crevices and chips in teeth and fills in small cavities.

4. Gum Contouring

Gum surgery is the most suitable cosmetic dental procedure for those with uneven gums, scars, and gum disease. Likewise, a person with a gummy smile or a receding gum line should opt for gum contouring. In this procedure, a cosmetic dentist obtains muscle tissue from other parts of the mouth, especially the palate, to reshape your gums. Moreover, the dentist can also use a soft tissue laser to remove excess gum tissue, which makes a person’s teeth look smaller than usual or unequal to reform the gum line. The laser carefully removes excess soft tissue while simultaneously cauterizing the wound.

Once the procedure is complete, the gums only require a few days to return to a healthy state. The discomfort and swelling arising after the procedure soothes within a day or two. However, the doctor advises that you take painkillers and consume soft foods for a short while to facilitate recovery.

5. Capping

A dental cap is a crown that dentists use to correct teeth that are chipped or uneven because of disease or trauma. Patients can also opt for dental crowns if they are dissatisfied with their teeth’ natural shape and size.

Dental caps are long-lasting and durable. Since they last for decades, they are the most effective option for enhancing the shape and appearance of the teeth. With regular brushing, consistent flossing, and dental caps, a person can go years without a touch-up. Dentists insert dental caps over a tooth adding structure to the teeth. The use of dental caps helps maintain a dental bridge to ensure healthy teeth. The dental bridge also prevents a weak tooth from getting damaged. Dental crowns also effectively cover up stained, chipped, cracked, and worn-down teeth.


Regularly visiting your dentist is one of the essential steps to maintaining a perfect smile. It will help in the early detection and treatment of cavities and other oral diseases. Apart from routine scaling and cleaning, your dentist will also advise you on the best cosmetic dental procedures that you can consider to make your smile even more lustrous.

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