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TechDangers of Using iPhone 11 with Broken Screen

Dangers of Using iPhone 11 with Broken Screen

People love to buy iPhones because there are no other phones like them. These days, repairing cracked iPhone screens is expensive. The manufacturer made the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 pro from the durable glass of all time in the smartphone industry on the front and back. These phones are durable and undergo careful testing, yet they are not indestructible. Apple suggests concerned users might use phone cases to avoid damaging the phone in case of dropping it.

Users might delay repairing the iPhone 11 cracked screen as it is costly to fix it. In some cases, both LCD and digitizer need to change. It can cost nearly $329 if the user doesn’t have AppleCare plus coverage. Some users continue using their iPhone even with the cracked screen, ignoring how hazardous it is to use it without repairing it. It is not safe for users to use their iPhones in case of a broken screen. It can cause many other issues inside the phone. Below are dangers associated with using broken iPhone screens 

Exposing Fingers To Sharp Glass Splinters

The significant risk of using an iPhone 11 with a broken screen is finger injury. When swiping their iPhone 11, the users might get a small, sharp glass splinter that can cut the finger and cause damage. Moreover, children can accidentally injure their delicate fingers while touching them. Users should not neglect this and must repair their iPhone 11 to avoid such exposures.

Touch Screen Mal-Functioning

Using an iPhone 11 with a crack screen will only worsen with time. Continuously using an iPhone 11with a cracked screen may cause it to misbehave or stop responding to touch. This can also lead to delayed response time to finger touch.

Risk To Internal Components Of The Phone

The broken screen has partially lost its glass protection. As a result, any liquid substance, dirt, or dust particles can easily penetrate inside the phone’s internal components. In such a scenario, the user is at the risk of losing their iPhone 11 completely since such exposure can destroy the internal components and motherboard of the iPhone.

Exposure To Eyesight And Road Hazards

Another risk associated with using a crack screen is the strain on the eyes. It will be challenging to do everyday tasks with the broken iPhone screen. For example, users might find it difficult to read the message. Trying to look at the words or pictures can strain their eyes which is bad for eyesight. In addition, users are exposed to accidents while driving. While navigating, they find it challenging to concentrate where they need to go keeping their eyes off the road. Users can avoid such adversities by timely repairing their iPhone screens.

Harmful Radiations

Phones emit some amount of radiation that is not that harmful. However, using an iPhone 11 with a cracked screen is dangerous as harmful radiations might escape from the cracks, detrimental to the human body. This can lead to the future risk associated with health.

Ghost touching

The cracks on the screen tend the iPhone to misbehave. We can say it is ghost touching because the screen will start operating itself as if somebody else is using it. It not only annoys users but also wastes their precious time.

It is advisable for the users to handle their iPhones with care and use the screen protector to protect the screen. If they break their iPhone screen, they must get their iPhone screen fixed by a trained technician as soon as possible. Make sure to replace the iPhone11 screen using genuine parts. Repairs performed by untrained individuals or using non-genuine Apple parts may affect the safety and functionality of the device. Users can repair a cracked iPhone screen at an Apple Store, an Apple Authorised Service Provider, or from an Apple Repair Centre. It is good to take the cover of Apple warranty or Apple care plus so that in case of screen damage, it is possible to repair the screen as quickly as possible.

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