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Career4 In-Demand Careers for Law Aspirants to Pursue In 2024

4 In-Demand Careers for Law Aspirants to Pursue In 2024

Law has always been one of the most prevalent career options, specifically for those whose families comprise lawyers for generations. However, recently, we’ve witnessed an increasing inclination towards this field. One reason is the incredible passion of people for this profession. In contrast, others might opt for this field because of prior experience. For instance, an individual might have experienced injustice, discrimination, and prejudice and now want to devote their entire life to serving justice.

Notwithstanding, career opportunities in law come in various forms. The field constitutes typical careers such as lawyers, advocates, and judges. And these careers involve legal professionals lending assistance to individuals, organizations, and communities to help them with legal affairs. Individuals in this profession create documents, prepare contracts, present and defend cases in the courtroom.

However, there are also numerous alternative career pathways for students with a law degree. Along with court halls, in today’s digital realm, legal professionals have this golden opportunity to try their luck in other sectors, too. These may include corporate, education, healthcare, finance, administrative, and much more. These careers involve conscientious behind-the-scenes work and gathering evidence, bringing a new level of engagement.

So, whether you are a freshly-minted law graduate or aspiring to become one, let’s shed light on some popular careers:

Military lawyer

These lawyers manage legal proceedings that occur in a military unit. Also known as civil-military lawyers, these individuals counsel and protect the rights of service members and veterans. 

For instance, an ex-military member might be eligible for VA benefits if diagnosed with mesothelioma due to significant asbestos exposure during the service. VA-accredited lawyers can help veterans who are mesothelioma victims to file for VA benefits that include VA healthcare, VA pension, and VA compensation.

Moreover, veterans can obtain more information about the VA benefits from online resources such as mesothelioma veterans that offer support and assistance to the victims. The legal support team can help veterans walk through different aspects of forms and procedures required to file for VA benefits claims. 

However, you must practice humility and be comfortable with uncertainty to become a military lawyer.

Chief legal officer

Operating a business undoubtedly has its thrills and challenges, from celebrating success to going through significant transitions. However, what happens when conflicts arise among employees? In some cases, these disputes may reach the stage of legal battles, leading to litigation. 

Not only do these legal proceedings adversely impact the workforce. They also tarnish the reputation of the corporation. That’s where the role of chief legal officers comes in handy. These professionals help maneuver such complexities and manage legal matters.

Some of the day-to-day duties of chief legal officers include:

  • Devise internal audit and compliance programs for corporations
  • Monitor the deliverance of legal services to meet organizational goals and strategies
  • Confer with board members for legal advice and laws
  • Create legal policies that are in the best interests of an organization

Being a chief legal officer, you can expect a median salary of $202,235 per year. However, this figure may vary contingent upon the experience level and organization size.

Tax attorney

People generally count on tax attorneys whenever tax issues spring up. That’s because these professionals possess a thorough understanding of legislation, tax regulations, and issues regarding property, federal laws, and income. Additionally, they stay abreast of the IRS regulations to assist clientele.

As a tax attorney, your everyday job duties will include:

  • Maintain confidential information and tax records for clientele
  • Evaluate state and federal laws and examine complex tax issues
  • Create and file motions and negotiate settlements
  • Perform tax research and analysis appertaining to state and federal laws

Tax attorneys work in a wide array of work settings. These may include governmental agencies, law and accounting firms, tax courts, and non-profit organizations. 

And the client base of these professionals encompasses healthcare enterprises, trade associations, and private companies. Also, you can expect an average base salary of $100,353 per year.

Real estate attorney

Purchasing a home is probably the most lucrative investment people make in their lives. In addition to hiring a real estate agent, engaging a real estate attorney is also crucial to navigating the legal process. These professionals specialize in issues related to property and ensure a fair transfer from sellers to buyers.

On a given day, the typical job responsibilities of these professionals are:

  • Decipher legal rules, regulations, and policies for real estate transactions
  • Inspect legal risks during the documentation process and provide suggestions to clientele accordingly
  • Draft documents for real estate such as mortgage and lease 
  • Prosecute real estate conflicts if deemed necessary
  • Offer legal assistance on property management, property taxes, zoning violation, and value estimates 

According to PayScale, the average salary of real estate attorneys is $81,533 each year. However, to earn this amount, to-be real estate attorneys must acquire a bachelor’s degree in law along with solid experience. Besides, a firm grip on communication, negotiation, and analytical skills are vital.

Final Words

The field of law requires a great deal of hard work, endurance, dedication, and logical skills. The rigorous law education and a wide assortment of skills ascertain that fresh graduates are most sought-after across various career pathways. However, students should also brush up on their communication and critical thinking skills time and again to become successful legal professionals. 

That said, the field of law you choose to specialize in will determine your career prospects. So, if you wish to end up working in a metropolitan city or move abroad, be sure not to select the area of law that’s way too niche. As they say, there’s always a bigger fish in the sea. Better students will fight for it. And the best ones will catch it.

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