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Canvas Photo Collage – Your Perfect and Easy DIY gift for Close Ones

Canvas collages are simply an artistic masterpiece like no other. Thanks to their practicality, you can easily decorate your abode, office space, or even the outdoors, without even thinking twice.  With Canvas photo collages, you can turn your simple collages into a masterpiece.

What’s better than to print photo on canvas and simply highlight them around your abode? After all, they make excellent gifts for any occasion in your family or friends.

Interested in such beautiful pieces? Want to create one for yourself? Here, we are going to learn some tips and ideas for creating the perfect Canvas photo collage. Let’s get started!

Canvas Photo Collage Print: A Great way to Display your Special Memories.

Canvas prints also work excellently as wall mount decor. So you can make collages of photos of significant memories and events to hang them as decor. It is a fabulous way of sharing your precious moments with others. This idea can work well at home and in personal space. It can also be an excellent way of displaying office events and achievements at large and small corporations or businesses.

Now, let’s get started on creating your unique Canvas collage print.

Steps to create your Collage Canvas Prints

It’s simply amazing how collage canvas prints transform the look of any decor. And you will also start loving them when you find out how easy they are to make. You can create your collage of photos for Canvas prints with any collage-making or photo-editing application. Several Canvas print websites allow you to create collages online. You can then directly upload the collage for printing.

If you want the collage to have your touch of artistry, then you can use applications like Photoshop or GIMP to create the collage. It can be your little fun pet project.

1. Use digital photos to create simple collage Canvas prints

Everybody now owns a smartphone that can capture decent quality digital photographs. Digital photographs are very much suitable for Canvas photo prints. You can also use pictures taken with digital cameras.

So you can start browsing through the camera roll on your smartphones and digicams to get your ideas flowing.

2. Always have a camera on standby

Don’t have enough pictures to make a collage? Then hurry! Grab your phone or camera, and always be on the lookout to capture the perfect moments.

Some things to keep in mind while clicking pictures to create the best collage Canvas prints-

  • Click photos on smartphones or cameras with decent picture quality. Preferably more than 8 megapixels.
  • Change the camera settings on your phone to the highest quality possible.
  • Make sure you have enough space in your phone or camera.
  • Always keep your camera and phone battery charged.

3. There is nothing called too many pictures

Having many pictures is a must for creating collages for Canvas print. For a fantastic Canvas print collage, handpick only a few photos from the whole lot.

It is like hiring a wedding photographer. A professional wedding photographer takes hundreds and thousands of pictures of your big day. They assort only the best photos from the pile and hand them over to you.

So when it comes to creating colleges for Canvas printing, the photos you have initially, the better!

4. Spend a little time to create a big wonder

Collaging takes up a fairly good amount of time. This artistic wonder does not just come out in a few minutes.

Are you someone who doesn’t have much time to spare? When creating a unique collage with a touch of your own element might be slightly difficult but yet not impossible.

There are a few photo collage-making apps such as Fotor, Fotojet, etc. These have tons of features and tools to transform your photos into a magical artsy collage. These softwares usually offer excellent templates as well. You get several other options that you can play with, such as photo effects, cropping, resizing the image, and adding text to your collage Canvas prints.

Once you have chosen your photos it only takes a few minutes to create the collage. Finally, you can then print the photo on Canvas.

5. A little out of the box- Abstract Collage Canvas prints

Do you want to create a one-of-a-kind Canvas art to portray your artistic side? The abstract photo Canvas print can be a solution to this.

You can create a collage with different artistic photos. Or if you are an artist you can capture your hand-drawn pictures and then pull them using any photo-collaging software or application.

Try using symmetrical as well as symmetrical patterns to make your Canvas look even more distinct.

You can use abstract photo Canvases as gifts, home decor, office decor, etc. If you are an artist you can use this method to display your several works in one piece.

6. A great way to spend your time

Creating art with collage Canvas photo prints can be your little contribution to make this ball prettier. Well, that’s just my thought.

You can create something distinct and profound that can make you feel proud with only a few digital tools and photos.

So why wait any longer? Get, set, and be creative with Canvas photo collage prints.

FAQs about Canvas photo prints

1.  How do I print my photo onto Canvas?

To create a perfect Canvas print you need the following things-

  • High-quality images: choose a photo with high resolution. The higher the resolution the better will be the result.
  • Photo printing/editing software: use different softwares to create your own designs and edit the photos to make them more suitable for Canvas prints.

2. What size photo should I use for my Canvas print?

Always use a photo that is larger than 250 KB in size.

3. Can I create Canvas prints using photos from my phone?

You can use photos from your phone to create Canvas prints. but in case if the photo size is not suitable you can then try creating collages using several photos.


Canvas prints are easily the most catchy objects that you can find inside a home, these alluring pieces of art can simply bring out the best of any interior setting. Now that you know your ways around such a beautiful piece, what are you waiting for? Get started!

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