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BusinessWhy You Should Automate Tender Responses for Contract Freight Right Away

Why You Should Automate Tender Responses for Contract Freight Right Away

Being in the freight business is incredibly hard. There are hundreds of things to manage at once to ensure your organization runs smoothly. It can get very hectic to work all things simultaneously and deal with all the things that go wrong at the last minute.

One of the most burdening things that can go wrong is rejected tenders by your primary carriers at the very last minute. As a business owner/executive, you understand how precious every second gets when dealing with situations like these.

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To avoid last-minute issues, you should look into automated tender responses for contract-based freight services. These days, customer service is highly appreciated, and your top competitors know it. Logistic Companies that use response automation tools and solutions witness more and more orders. Thus, you cannot go wrong with this decision. Let’s go through all the benefits of automated tender responses.

First of all, what are automated systems?

With an electronic system, your customers will be able to load their tender requirements electronically through a Transportation Management System (TMS). Automating tender acceptance begins by exchanging information using Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) or direct API connections with the shipper’s TMS. It allows you to level up from communication channels like phone, messaging, and faxes to a better system.

Once you receive information about the tender, your software will automatically assess its serviceability and charges based on shipment weight, lead time, freight type, truck type, truck availability, pickup and dropoff locations, and special instructions.

You start saving time right away

The most significant advantage of automated systems is that you will observe your workforce to be more available right away. Automation and using technology to make your business better is crucial to business growth. It allows you to hire people where they are required and not waste money on people whose work can be done with machines flawlessly.

You will spend less time calling trucks, confirming prices, negotiating, and following up with them about the same. With an automated system, you can set all your requirements like price filters beforehand and get the luxury of having all the information exchange, tracking updates documented and saved in one place.

Last-minute hiccups will be a thing of the past

Automated systems will allow your business to achieve 100% guaranteed acceptance for backup and will enable you to automate dynamic pricing for different tasks based on their complexity and requirements.

Even in the rare instances of tender rejection, both parties will have more time to look for alternatives because of lightning-fast response rates that are only achievable through automated systems.

Your business will be safe and secure

Technologies like automated response systems will allow your business to achieve greater heights and help you maintain excellent service rates regardless of how the business climate changes. Since more than half of your responses will be automated and easy to process with cutting-edge algorithms that manage and match your capabilities to tenders, you will see a massive boost in customer satisfaction right away.

Trukkin is a UAE-based trucking company that cares about its customers and what they need. Except for instant tender acceptances, their hardworking team of executives process tenders of unique requirements with ease. It is known for its excellence in providing logistical solutions all over the UAE, making it a name you can rely on.

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