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Education9 Common Angular Interview Questions and Answers 2023 Guide

9 Common Angular Interview Questions and Answers 2023 Guide

Selecting talented Angular developers can be tricky! As the demand for Angular developers is increasing, companies are in a hurry to recruit them. As we know, Angular is a popular platform for building robust web apps; people are transiting towards Angular apps. If you, too, want to hire Angular developers for your next project, check out the best options here!

AngularJS is becoming a necessary platform for interactive and complex app development. An enterprise-grade app can only be made if the developers are well-versed in Angular. Hence, before hiring them, this article has some basic angular interview questions that they should know.

These nine questions and answers might help you pick the talented developer for your next project/client. So, why wait? Let’s see each question and its answer one after the other.

1. What is Angular, and why was it introduced?

Angular is a TypeScript-based open-source JavaScript (JS) framework maintained by Google. Its primary goal is to create single-page applications. It not only provides developers with a basic system to work with, but it also allows consumers to construct different applications safely. Angular has several advantages, which we will discuss in the further article.

Frameworks are essential for developers as they provide a consistent structure on which they can depend to increase web development productivity and effectiveness without starting from scratch.

It was introduced to construct Single Page Applications. This platform provides online applications with organization, uniformity, and outstanding durability and supportability.

2. Point out some Advantages of Angular 

Some of the most common benefits of Angular are:

MVC design:

Angular is an MVC framework in its entirety. It expresses an apparent belief about how the app should be built. It also supports the bidirectional flow of data and refreshes the actual DOM.


Angular is made up of many design patterns such as components, directives, pipelines, and services that aid in the construction of applications.

Dependency injection: 

This functionality allows you to work around components that are dependent on other components quickly.

Other general benefits include: 

Clean and maintainable code, reusable components, unit testing, data binding, and a responsive user experience.

3. What is the Ahead-Of-Time (AOT) compilation in Angular, and what are its advantages?

Ahead-Of-Time (AOT) compilation is one of Angular’s compilation methods.

This process compiles throughout the construction process with this sort of compilation.

As browsers don’t really grasp components and templates, hence, Angular apps are built in the browser. The produced code is then presented; this is known as Ahead-Of-Time compilation.

AOT’s Benefits:

  • Enhanced Security
  • Easier error troubleshooting
  • Quicker rendering

AOT is another prevalent Angular 7 interview question frequently followed by an example. 

4. What are Angular Components?

Components are the essential UI building pieces in an Angular project. Every component corresponds to a template and a collection of commands. An Angular project typically consists of a root component, the AppComponent, which branches into many other components to create a hierarchy. 

5. Brief out the Fundamentals of Angular

Angular offers a wide variety of features that make it more helpful than other front-end platforms; a list of significant features is provided below:

  • Dependency Injection
  • Component 
  • Data bindings
  • Module
  • Services
  • Directives
  • Application Bootstrapping
  • Templates
  • Navigation or Routing
  • Angular Elements
  • Native mobile development
  • Angular Universal

6. What is the concept of Pipes in Angular?

Pipes are basic functions that accept input data, process it, and return a modified value as an output. Angular includes several in-built pipes. You can, however, design custom pipes to meet your specific requirements.

Among the essential aspects are:

  • The “|” symbol defines pipes.
  • The colon (:) sign can be used to supply arguments to pipes. 
  • They can you can link in a chain.

7. Explain the concept of Data Binding in Angular?

Data binding is one of the vital fundamental ideas used to communicate between the DOM and the component. To put it another way, data binding is a method of adding/pushing elements into the HTML DOMor popping the various components based on the directives provided by the Component.

To provide data bindings in Angular, there are primarily three types of support.

  • Event Binding
  • One-way Binding (Interpolation, Attribute, Property, Class, Style)
  • Two-way Binding

We can simply interface with the component and conduct major procedures using these different binding techniques. 

8. What is String Interpolation

In Angular, the term “string interpolation” corresponds to a different syntactic style that uses template expressions to show component data.

Double curly brackets are used to surround these template variables. The output of the JavaScript-executed expressions is added inside curly braces and is then incorporated into HTML. 

9. Explain View Encapsulation in Angular

Whether the templates and styles provided inside the component can impact the entire application depends on the view encapsulation.

Angular offers three encapsulation methods:

Emulated – the component receives styling from the main HTML.

None – all components on the page can see the styles because they spread from the component back to the main HTML.

Native – the component does not inherit styles from the main HTML.

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1. Explain Observables and Promises in Angular

Whereas both ideas in Angular work with delayed events, observables deal with a series of events over time, whereas promises deal with a single event simultaneously.

Promises: They only ever emit a single value. They don’t allow for cancellation and start working right away after creation. Any child’s contracts are Push mistakes.

Observables: Once the subscribe() method is used to subscribe to them, are they executed. Over time, they emit a variety of values. They support various activities, including filter, forEach, and retry. They provide subscribers with errors. The listener quits receiving new values when the unsubscribe() method is used. 

2. Difference between JIT and AOT

JIT (Just-in-time) compilation is a method of converting computer code to machine code during execution or run time. It’s also referred to as a mixed compilation. When you perform the ng build or ng serve CLI commands, JIT compilation is the default. 

Ahead of Time (AOT) compilation changes your code during the development process before it is downloaded and executed by the browser. This ensures faster browser rendering.

Include the —AOT with the ng serve or ng build command to specify AOT compilation.

3. What kind of DOM does Angularjs support?

The Document Object Model views an XML or HTML content as a tree structure, with each node representing a different document component.

Angular uses the standard DOM. It updates the complete HTML tag tree structure until it reaches the data to be modified. On the other hand, Angular uses Change Detection to ensure that speed and performance are not harmed.

4. Explain Lazy Loading and Eager

Lazy Loading- When there is a demand, lazy loading automatically loads the functional modules. This speeds up the application. It is utilized for larger applications where all components are not required at the start. 

Eager- The default module-loading process is eager loading. It is that feature module that is loaded before the program starts. This is most commonly utilized for small-scale applications.

Final Verdict

Here we would like to summarize the whole article; the questions mentioned in this article are top picks and commonly asked questions in an interview for hiring Angular Developers. The recruiter will 90% come to know which candidate will fit their requirement list depending on their answers. Let’s hope you find a talented team of angular developers soon.

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