Remember these rays of the scorching sun, as soon as you move fifty meters from the seashore? But the same topic can become very relevant if a real summer has begun in the city, and you are forced to work in the office. What can you do to feel fresh and look elegant all day long, despite the heat? Recall some of the most important rules. 

How to dress in the summer at the resort?

  • Wear clothes made from natural lightweight fabrics. Try to wear only things made of cotton and natural silk. Linen is another great option, but it has a big drawback: it wrinkles quickly. Semi-synthetic fabrics like viscose are also good for hot weather.
  • Wear loose fitting clothes. Spacious cuts and oversized style are especially good for hot weather, as they provide excellent ventilation.
  • Wear printed clothes. They give strict things a flirty summer look. For example, this applies to pencil skirts and sheath dresses. Use classic patterns: stripes, geometric shapes and flowers. Black and white prints are a great way to freshen up a solid color outfit. In addition, sweat stains are less visible on patterned fabrics.
  • Wear dresses, skirts and shorts. In these wardrobe items, we are less hot than in jeans or trousers. A light, airy cotton or silk dress is the most suitable option for the heat.
  • Shirt dresses are very comfortable and versatile. Different versions are in fashion – from flared too absolutely straight.
  • Wear sleeveless clothing with care. Of course, this is a great solution for the heat, but be careful not to burn yourself in the sun. In many southern countries, on the contrary, people try to hide from the sun as much as possible, preferring clothes that wrap the whole figure. Womens crop tops also work great in summer seat. So, do try those.
  • Wear reasonably open shoes. Of course, sandals and sandals are a good choice. But you don’t have to expose your entire foot if you don’t want to. It is enough to wear shoes with perforation (in the hole).
  • Wear a hat. This is the best way to protect your face from the sun. Pick a few styles that work best for you. 

How beautiful to cover up a bathing suit?

Comfort and confidence should accompany us everywhere, and first of all, while relaxing by the water. Of course, if you are going to move away from the beach for a while, you want to cover yourself with something. With what?

If you are by the pool, lake or beach, you don’t need to wear anything over your swimsuit. But there are times when you need to throw something in order to at least partially cover your body. There are several ways to make it cute and unobtrusive, while still being comfortable. Here are the things that will help us with this.

  • The tunic, a spacious item made of fine cotton, is cozy, dries quickly and is easy to wash.
  • A bathrobe is an easy choice. Moreover, both long and short versions of it have the right to life.
  • Bedspreads. They can be of different sizes, plain and patterned, long, short, made from different types of fabric.
  • Pareo. This is a type of veil that is tied around the hips or neck.
  • Wide skirt. It may be woven. Also, you can choose a knitted version – very soft and gentle.
  • Sheer oversized top. Pay attention to the model of uneven length.

How to dress for the office in summer 

  • Don’t wear off-the-shoulder items in the office. Buy a sleeveless top, but with a fairly high neckline.  
  • Don’t show too much body. Do not wear very short dresses and skirts or cuts with plunging necklines. 
  • Choose things from sufficiently dense fabrics so that your modesty is not questioned. 
  • Wear blouses and tops with a good bra. Check if your summer clothes are see-through. Never wear thin tops without underwear.   
  • Don’t wear slippers. These are shoes for the beach, not for the office. 
  • Thus, due to the observance of a few simple rules, you can feel comfortable in hot weather and at the same time look elegant both at a summer resort and while working in the office.