In this article, we are going to look at the pros and cons of starting a cleaning business that will guide you if you think of starting one.


Start-up costs are low for this industry

Quite notably, to start a cleaning business will require very little upfront capital. This means it will be easy for you to source the necessary funds for this endeavor. You can start your business using low cost resources and equipment to allow you to realize more considerable returns. Starting small means your portfolio should start off with basic and necessary services. Specialized services can be added to the business once it is well set up. Cleaning material such as mops, vacuums, and chemicals tends to be extremely affordable. Those interested in starting a cleaning business will need to invest very little.

The business will take off quickly

A cleaning business can be started over a span of days. All you need to do is to get the necessary equipment and seek your first clients. You can get the required documentation quickly and with ease. Given the notable demand for cleaning services, a little marketing will have your business running in no time.

Running costs are low

Cleaning business can be operated with very little expenses. This low cost is reflected in the affordability of cleaning products. Equipment and tools also tend to be considerably priced and will require very little effort and money to maintain. The utility bills and rent for such businesses are also negligible. You will also not require to employ a large team to help you with work, hence there may be no wages to pay.

Your home can be your workplace

Cleaning businesses can be conveniently started out of your home or garage. Starting a business in a place you feel comfortable and safe allows you to be more enthusiastic about it. Starting out from your garage will also allow you to avoid utility bills, rent and other overhead costs.

It gives you flexibility

You can be the boss at your own cleaning business. Being your own boss means you have full decisive scope of what jobs you will take on and your working times. All aspects of this business are easy to manage on your own. This flexible nature allows you to work other jobs and cater to other obligations with ease.

Very little qualifications required

Starting a cleaning business does not require much prior qualifications or experience. We are always cleaning up after ourselves and that is all the training and experience required to go into this industry. All you need to do is be efficient and meet your clients’ preferences. Over time, you will garner more experience allowing you to start offering specialized cleaning services.

Quick returns

Given the low costs put into starting and sustaining the business, you may quickly begin to realize your profits. Starting low means you will not have many loans or borrowed debts to pay. Consequently, not much of the raised revenue is required to be pushed back into the business. These quick returns also allow you to invest more, be innovative and grow your business.

Digital platforms potential

The cleaning industry has greatly benefited from digital innovation. Many digital platforms and management tools are being adapted for cleaning businesses. Marketing is also way easier on the digital landscape, allowing cleaning businesses to quickly grow their portfolio and improve business. This potential makes it extremely easy to set up and run a successful business.

Steady demand

There is always demand for cleaning services. Given the permanent nature of this demand, businesses that supply these services are always in business. Consequently, the business will almost always have clients lined up and this will translate to a steady revenue flow.


A cleaning business can be physically draining

When starting out, your business will require you to put in a lot of work. Having started small, you may not have the relevant equipment and machinery to lighten the load. You will need to move your equipment yourself and handle all the cleaning jobs.

Low income

While you may begin to realize your profits early in the business, they may be slow and very little. Low returns can be quite unnerving especially if you are in dire need of money. Over time, efficiency and proper management will vastly improve your returns.


Given the few and negligible blockades to market entry, the cleaning industry is packed. There are many people in the business and you will need to make an effort to carve your own niche. Creating an innovative and unique selling point will give you the strength to compete with established businesses.


With the right information,on the pros and cons of starting a cleaning business as seen above, you are better placed as you consider venturing into this industry. All factors considered, a cleaning business seems to be a viable investment as long as it is well managed.

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