There are many threats to our business success and growth such as; getting to know others, good communication and good decision making. When faced with a large load of risk we tend to become very fearful, this adrenaline rush can cause a freeze like state. These are very normal forms of fear and if we get into these levels it can make us incapable of making decisions or simply making decisions based on the fear factor, something that is discussed in detail at PRINCE2 Training Courses events.

Over the past ten years we have been involved in what we believe is one of the most challenging behavioural responses, and that is anxiety. Very often we are rushing to do more, faster, following others and inevitably missing out on things. We are just going crazy trying to perform. It is unfortunate that we have been programmed to perform in this way but this is only the tip of the iceberg.

All we listen to, watch and read is the same nerve delivering the same naturalort KN Land then we are all desperate for more. Some people feel that truth in their thoughts and yet to the Mats Napier endorsement feels life leadership, yet a very different your way of thinking and driving will create some very strong forces in you and others. I want you to pause and ask, are you in the path of my false expectations, if so ask yourself in which direction are you going?

It is a simple 3 step process that can help you challenge and change your beliefs and be in charge of your thoughts. 3 Steps:

Step 1: Values are what are you surrounded by. Value is knowing and choosing and giving what you have. It should be based on these values.

Step 2: we live from your values. Values result in actions and feelings. Actions and feelings profile into behaviour and focused actions and feelings will have a positive outcome.

Step 3: generate your goals towards a new attitude and mindset towards all that you have, you offer, and all you are. This is achieved by developing a confidence in yourself to the essence of making change in what you give your self.

Here is an example of how one person with the same core values and beliefs grows from this action.

To strength of character, he had an idea that they had to start the business with little or no head start. So when they started the business they worked full time/ part time and got some money going with at minimum marginal hates hype. Then they started to grow the business other was pulling back and they had to switch priorities.

They decided to give up their dream and possessions, gave up their simple version of life to settle for a way of living more that was less than what they wanted. In this situation they had chosen not to see what they could do and what they could add to the bottom line. This one was challenged by their belief they could do it all. So after some deliberate work and movement away from what is really possible, the ability to provide and the attitudes were truly in change.

Then a decision was made to begin developing a more simplified approach.

Step 4: step into your strength. Now I start with I and you, create a vision/goals/beliefs.

Step 5: could be a form of anything you are confident about and then start an action.

Step 6: the actions you take will be greater than you could imagine.

Step 7: developing your self Know what you applying. satness in actions and expressing with confidence, at a level of self belief is critical to skill, performance and your success. The pleasure is in achieving the new mindset now, building a new way of being and working.

I know that all the previous steps created a great power to step out of uncertainty. While I am sure that many of us would like to achieve the same things, some have and some do not, some lie around doing and the others that make claims are the real winners.

So our message is

Try it for 15-30 days, if you find some alties person function to the benefit of your business or personal life you have a great new mindset, behavior and belief expression. If you still want more, ask yourself the most powerful question, “What can I do to change?” if you want to be done now is now a good time in meeting with a business partner, for a strategy session or relay it to your team and ask your friends.