Macro Photography Ideas: Capturing the World of Macros

Macro Photography Ideas

Learning photography is truly challenging. There is so much to know about angles to adjustments in light to have that perfect shot. Well, it is easier to capture photos of bigger subjects. But how about those smaller ones?

Macro Photography is the art of capturing photos of a smaller subject. It is such a tricky approach. You need to capture every detail of a tiny subject. Hence, there is no more challenging than doing Macro Photography.

Macro Photography Ideas

Given that you need a camera designed for macro subjects, this will give you ideas on how and what to capture in macro photography. Here are some of the most common subjects you could choose from.

Ice Crystals and Ice Cubes

It is hard to do ice photography. Not just because it only allows you to have a small amount of time because it melts, but also because of the texture which you need to capture.

Well, to produce a perfect photo of ice or ice crystals, you need the right temperature. Handling a help, you could learn more by discovering here in Winter Photography Tips.

How about those in tropical countries? Well, you need to look for the ideal spaces where ice or ice crystals could form or could last for some time.

Light is also crucial to give out the texture of the ice. Without it, you will end up capturing a plain and lifeless subject.

Makeup Items

Subjects like this need to be captured according to what theme it portrays. Aside from that, you need to capture every detail, attracting the viewer’s eyes.

You can play with colors. Lights, for example, could lift the appearance of the subject. Backgrounds that match the vibe the makeup item gives will also help to make a better output.


Be it a plain feather or those that burst with colors and designs, it just all comes down to how you capture one. All you need to consider is the detail of the feather.

White feather needs to have a darker background to see its detail better. The colorful ones fit any of the background colors that match its color as well. Remember, simple color backgrounds will perfectly do as they will not overpower your subject, especially on feathers.

Oil and water

We ought to believe that these two are unlikely brothers. Though both liquids, these could not be as one. Thus, these two could be excellent subjects in macro photography.

For a tip, you could use a colorful container to fill it with water first. Afterward, use a dropper that you will use to drop some oil on it.

Because of the colorful background of the container, it will probably reflect the water and will even be improved because of the oil, which adds more texture to it.

Dandelion Seaheads

This subject is truly mesmerizing, yet hard to capture. Aside from how dramatic it is when captured, it is one subject that must be captured with fast hands.

Especially when the seed-heads are needed to be blown, you need to capture them as fast as you can. It will challenge to shoot, especially when outside where there is a strong wind. Thus, it is still on how fast you capture it and in perfect timing.

That is why you can securely capture one indoor with the use of proper backgrounds and lights.


Almost all of us know how to capture food photos. Yet, for improvements, you need to learn more about how to capture the details of the food.

For layered foods like burgers, you need to capture every detail from the side. Make sure that there is a light that will show how appealing it will be.

A nice plate and background will also help you have that attractive food photography. Any food will just come down to how you will capture it.


This seems to be pretty simple, right? But giving the grass a perfect shot will not be that easy. You need to have an ideal background to have a story within your grass photography. Lights, especially sun rays, are the perfect background you could choose to enhance your subject.

Water mists will give your subject a more attractive output. Adding the right amount of water droplets will make it look better and not too dull.


Here, you need to capture one in daylight as it will be hard to see at night not unless you have a perfect light to reflect one. It is challenging as it moves even on the slightest air you produce, which will make the photo blurred.

That is why you need to capture in spaces where there is less air. Also, you need to hold your breath for a couple of seconds to not trigger it from moving.


Well, the perfect background for this kind of subject will be the sand. Capturing it on the seashore will look better when you add background and light reflection that matches the subject.

You need to capture every detail of the subject to add texture to the photo output.

Foam and Bubbles

Like ice photography, this will be challenging as this will also give you just a couple of seconds. Bubbles pop easily within seconds. Thus, you need to have a fast hand to capture one.

Because it is too small, this is very challenging to capture. That is why it is one of the hardest subjects you could choose.

To give you more time, you could put the bubble or foam on the water. This will help it last a little longer. Also, foams could be easier to capture as they last a little longer. A tip will be, you can be creative by adding some color to it, such as colorings or lights.


This one needs to be captured in a secured place. Indoor photography could be better as they could be triggered by wind easily. Smoke could vanish and be drawn by air. That is why you need a close space to capture a perfect smoke shape.

Thus, if your theme needs to be outside, make sure that there is less wind. Also, you could have a shot of smoke during the day or night.

In daylight, you could use the sun’s rays to reflect more texture on it. Meanwhile, at night, lights will lift the smoke, making it more visible even in dark spaces.


These are just some of the macro photography ideas you could choose from. You could even learn more by discovering everything around you.

Macro photography might be challenging. Thus, mastering the art of it will help you produce a perfect output. You can even let the world see the world of macros, which is hard and not common for us to see.