One of the most popular cosmetic procedures nowadays is laser hair removal. It enables individuals to save time, eliminate the need for waxing, and never forget to shave again. You may say goodbye to your old razor blades and feelings of self-consciousness in only a few sessions. Razor bumps will be a thing of the past! Cuts won’t be made by accident anymore! There will be no more uncomfortable ingrown hairs, either! If you’ve decided to have your hair laser-removed, it’s crucial to know what to do before and after the procedure.

Pre-Treatment Care

Stop Plucking and Waxing

Before your first laser hair removal procedure, you must avoid plucking or waxing the treatment region for at least four to six weeks. As long as the root is not removed, shaving is OK. In fact, shaving the area to be treated with lasers is highly recommended by experts of skin care in Scottsdale.

Shave the Area

A 48- to 72-hour shaving before your visit is critical if you want to cease plucking or waxing the treatment region. Even though your hair is undetectable to the naked eye, the laser may still target the pigment in the hair’s root. To protect yourself against burns, you must remove any hair that is below the surface of the skin.

Removing Makeup and Creams

Before each laser hair removal session, you should remove any beauty products that include components that may interfere with the outcomes. Deodorant, cosmetics, lotions, balms, and anything else applied topically to the skin are all included here. Just wash the skin with soap and water to prepare it for treatment. In the event that you use makeup remover, be careful to rinse with water afterward.

Avoid Sun Exposure

Sun exposure should be avoided for two weeks prior to your laser hair removal procedure. Self-tanners and tanning beds are also included in this category. They can cause skin pigmentation following laser therapy and cause burning and excruciating pain.

Post-Treatment Care

Avoid Hot Saunas Or Showers

Hair follicles are destroyed by heat in laser therapy. As a result, overheating the treated region might irritate it. You should thus avoid taking hot showers or saunas after receiving treatment.

Avoid Strenuous Exercises

Similarly, increasing body temperature might also be detrimental. So for the next 48 hours following each session, it is recommended that you refrain from any vigorous activity.

Don’t Apply Makeup or Use Harsh Skin Products

Your skin is still sensitive the day following the surgery. It should be protected. You should avoid using strong chemicals on your skin, particularly on your face, because they might cause irritation. After each treatment, wait at least 24 hours before applying any makeup.

Take A Week Off From Exposure To The Sun After Each Session

The damaging UVA and UVB radiation from the sun may cause irritation to the laser-treated region. It would be best if you stay out of the sun for at least a week following each laser treatment session. If you want to go out, be sure to wear anything that will keep the sun off your face, such as a cap or scarf if you had the procedure done there. Another option would be to apply a minimum of SPF 30 sunscreen generously over the region that has been cleaned and treated.