The Bountiful Botanical Vs medical botox treatment


When you see botanical extract listed on the ingredients label of your product, you automatically think of something that is natural. The only problem you may be having is that you are not sure if the stuff you are about to buy is truly botanical. You can also opt for a Botox treatment.

Luckily for you and us, there is a bit of wily research going on behind the scenes in the cosmetic industry. These people are quicker than you at spotting dangers in the products they make. Once they have found a truly botanical product, they test it for purity. The best products are the ones that do not contain any added chemicals.

The main reason people want to use botanical products is because of the wonderful nourishing properties the extracts and plant based oils, waxes and extracts can provide. However, you should be careful to learn which products are truly beneficial to your skin and which ones may actually be harmful.

The main thing to remember is that beneficial ingredients are in low concentrations. If you read the label, you may not be able to tell what exactly the ingredient is, but if it is present in a concentration of at least 50%, then you can be sure that it is a botanical ingredient.

The best botanical ingredients include things like avocado oil, macadamia oil and more. Since your skin is nearly 70% water, you want to make sure you are using ingredients that are close to its natural level of moisture. If you have more than 50% moisture in the product, then you may not be getting enough of it and your skin may become irritated.

Make sure you do not have any chemicals in your products especially artificial ones. These can be very harmful to you and especially to your skin since they can cause an allergic reaction or something worse. Botanical ingredients do not harm your skin either, so you can use them.

Organic products are the way go since they are the most natural and contain no harmful chemicals. You can feel safe using them as well since they do not contain any harsh irritants. The best part though is that they are cost effective.

In choosing a botanical product, look for those that have a high concentration of unsaponifiables. Unaponifiables are ingredients that are botanically grown without the use of pesticides. You will not find these ingredients in products that are beautifully packaged and smell delicious.

Botanical skin care products are best for those who have sensitive skin or allergies. You do not have to worry that your rash or your acne will disappear with the use of a good product. With ingredients such as avocado oil, shea butter and grape seed oil, a product is usually completely safe for any skin type.

ancerne is another great product that is botanical in nature, made with the ingredients of all the various herbs in the world. Each ingredient has its own specialency and can be used in various ways. Everyone who wants to stay young and healthy has a need for these types of products.

Also, if you have a serious skin condition, a botanical product can help you as it is formulated from herbs that are natural and safe. For instance, the undandelioned root of the ginseng plant is a common ingredient in many anti-aging products. It has vital anti-inflammatory properties that are good for acne and other skin problems.

There are even products that are designed to be used every day. These products are usually absorbed into the skin and work there every day if you use them every day for a few weeks. These ‘time-ichever’ products are usually designed to replenish your skin every few days.

Botanical skin care products are normally the best choice for people with sensitive skin, acne and other skin problems. This is because they work more naturally with your skin and deliver the best results without being tested on animals.