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Health & BeautyTop Best Yoga Stretches to Do Every Day

Top Best Yoga Stretches to Do Every Day

Are you looking to get flexible while staying in shape? Read this article to learn the best yoga stretches you should incorporate into your routine.

Did you know that about 37 million people practice yoga in the U.S. alone? 72% of those people are women while 43% are between the ages of 30-49.

Practicing yoga comes with many great health benefits. Practicing yoga for about 15 minutes a day can improve your mood. It can help reduce backaches and decreases levels of anxiety by about 40%.

But with over 100 types of yoga, you might be wondering what kind of yoga stretches you should do.

Keep reading to learn more about daily yoga poses you can try.

The Cat and Cow Pose Is Good for Your Back

If you’ve been looking for yoga poses to do every day you should consider the cat and cow pose. This pose consists of sitting with your knees against the floor or on your yoga mat, your arms stretched out in front of you, and your palms against the ground.

First, you’ll arch your back out while bending your head down. The next step includes pushing your back in while pushing your head up. This pose is great for stretching your neck, spine, and back.

The Popular Downward Dog 

The downward dog starts in the plank position and you’ll slowly start moving your hips up. Keep your hands stretched out in front of you and keep your fingers stretched as well.

Make sure to keep your head down and push forward with your heels. This is a great stretch for your hips and shoulders.

Hold the position for as long as you feel comfortable or move back and forth between planking and downward dog to maintain movement.

The Standing Side Bend Is Great for Mornings 

The best pose on the list of yoga poses to do in the morning is the standing side bend. If you experience stiffness in the morning or work sitting down for long hours, this pose is a great way to relieve that stiffness and tension.

Make sure that you’re standing with your feet firmly on the ground. Stretch your arms above your head with your palms facing up. You’ll then lean your body to one side and hold for as long as you can before repeating the stretch in the other direction.

Low Lunges Are Ideal for Runners 

Low lunges require you to place both knees on the ground with your palms out in front of you. Push your heels and knees together to help you balance and keep your head pushed forward.

This pose helps stretch your chest, hips, and feet. This is why it’s great for runners. It can also teach greater balance and help improve your concentration the more you practice it.

A Crescent Pose Is Great for Balance 

Another great stretch to incorporate into your daily yoga routine is the crescent pose. With this pose, you’ll start with one foot placed firmly in front of you and the other behind you.

Your next step is to bend your knee about 90 degrees while keeping your back leg as straight as possible. Stretch your arms up as you arch your back and push your chest out. You should also push your back hip forward.

This pose helps increase balance as you push your hips and chest forward. Try these yoga stretches comfortably with women’s activewear pants.

Standing Forward Fold Increases Blood Flow

Start the standing forward fold by standing up with your back straight. You’ll then bend forward and touch the ground with your palms while keeping your legs as straight as you can but if bending your knees makes it easier then that’s okay.

You can do this pose throughout the day, especially if you work at a desk, to help keep your blood flowing. Make sure to come up slowly and practice some deep breaths as you do this stretch.

The Triangle Increases Strength 

If you’re new to yoga there are a few yoga stretches for beginners you should check out first. Try to start with simpler poses so you aren’t too intimated in the beginning.

The triangle pose is simple enough and has a lot of great benefits. It increases strength in your legs, back, hips, and chest.

Stand sideways with one leg stretched back and the other bent forward at 90 degrees. Stretch your arms out in opposite directions and hold the position as long as you can.

A Child’s Pose Brings Calm

The child’s pose consists of sitting on your knees and pushing your bottom down until it touches your heels. Stretch your arms out forward while keeping your head down against the floor.

This stretch is great for relieving tension in your lower back and shoulders. Practice some deep breathing while in the child’s pose to relieve stress and anxiety too.

The Cobra Pose 

Some daily yoga poses for a healthy body you can start today include the cobra pose. This pose does require some upper body strength but practicing it daily will increase your strength little by little.

This is a great stretch for your chest and shoulders. Start by laying flat on your stomach. Push your chest and shoulders up off the ground by pushing up with your hands.

Keep your head facing forward and your feet on the ground.

The Legs on the Wall Pose Helps With Sleep 

If you’re having trouble sleeping at night you should try the legs on the wall pose to see if that helps. Getting enough sleep is crucial for your health, it can improve your immune system.

This pose is simple and can even be done in bed. Place a pillow below your lower back first and then stretch your legs up and place them against the wall. This is great for reducing tension and increasing blood flow in your legs.

Yoga Stretches You Should Incorporate in Your Daily Routine 

Yoga is a great form of exercise with many benefits for your physical and mental health. Some yoga stretches you can incorporate into your daily routine include the crescent pose for greater balance and the triangle for increased strength.

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