When it’s time to take the baby back out into the world, you’re going to need a way to carry them and all their gear. Instead of an over-the-shoulder diaper bag, consider investing in a backpack diaper bag. These useful tools can be used to carry kid gear for years and will be much easier on your body.

Hands-Free Mobility

With all the diaper gear on your back, you will have your hands free for

  • cuddling the baby
  • handling the baby seat
  • managing doors, car seats and other challenges

When carrying your baby against your body, you need your hands to manage their movement. If your baby is very little, you need to support their head. When they’re a bit older, you need to turn them so they can see the world. When they’re walking, you need to be able to grab them in hazardous situations. A well-snuggled backpack diaper bag will allow you to focus on your little one.

Useful Now and In the Future

A baby backpack can haul a lot of gear when your little one is potty-trained. You can take your baby backpack to the beach, loaded with clothes and sunscreen. It can go to the park and help you haul toys. You’ll find a diaper bag backpack stylish and extremely versatile, now and in the future.

There are also backpack diaper bags with hooks and connectors to allow you to clip the backpack on the stroller. Finally, you will have space inside the backpack for your gear, such as an e-reader or tablet.

Comfortable on Your Back

Carrying an over-the-shoulder bag on one side and the baby on the other hip is not balanced. If the baby slides, bounces or overbalances, that shoulder bag can bounce around and cause serious problems.

All of this uneven weight, motion and pressure can put a lot of stress on your lower back. With a backpack, you can snug down all the baby gear, including anything that needs to be discarded or laundered, in a waterproof bag close to your upper back so your body is balanced and your hands are free.

Easier to Load and Unload

A standard diaper bag has to be accessed only from the top. A backpack diaper bag can be laid on its back, unzipped and opened wide. Most of these backpacks have sealable waterproof pockets inside the backpack for anything dirty or wet.

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Additionally, many of these containers offer insulation. You can easily transport bottles for babies, sippy cups for toddlers and water bottles for the grownups in the other sealed pouches of your backpack diaper bag.


A backpack diaper bag will come with multiple pockets that can be accessed from inside and out. Need your phone for a great photo? There’s a pocket for that. Multiple internal dividers mean that you can load the pack with all the necessaries and know when you need to restock because everything in there has a place.

Many diaper backpacks also have exterior connectors. If you need a spot for hanging your water bottle, keys or hat, it’s there. Roll up the changing pad and clip it in place against the bottom of the backpack so you can quickly lay the baby down for a change before you have to open the pack. These versatile tools can help you take your child on many adventures.

Check the Interior Color

One of the challenges with a standard book or computer backpack is that

  • they’re water resistant but not waterproof
  • there aren’t many pockets inside the pack
  • the inside of a computer backpack is black

When you’re in a hurry to change your baby, you don’t need to be fumbling around inside a black backpack for wipes or a plastic trash bag. Your diaper backpack has a light-colored interior. Finding all the wipes, fresh diapers, and other necessaries will not be a problem.

Additionally, you will need a few extra exterior pockets to gather up tossed toys and rejected socks.

A new baby needs all your attention and both your hands. A backpack diaper bag will make that a lot easier. Invest in a pack that will grow with your family.

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