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BusinessA Look into The Advancements of Visual Enhancements

A Look into The Advancements of Visual Enhancements

Online Opticians – There are a huge number of people worldwide that visually impaired in some way or another, (around 250 million) who are registered and, roughly a billion people who aren’t registered but, wearing a pair of glasses may very well change the way they see the world! With a view of paying respect to the time, effort and finance that have gotten us to where we are today, here is a rough timeline of events to help demonstrate how optical technology changed over the years;


There is a huge range of devices available today, that, when they were first dreamt of would have been nothing short of science fiction, a thing of dreams. Well, those dreams have come true, the visually impaired can choose from a variety of physical aids these days, like the contact lenses advertised on this website or, digitally enhanced devices that can help the blind to see.

Magnifying Glass

One of the first ever aids to help people see was the magnifying glass and, they are just as effective today as they were when they were first introduced. Although the materials used to make them and, the processes are much more automated, the magnifying glass hasn’t really changed much in terms of its practicality over the years. Not ideal for using whilst walking around or for long periods of time though.


Following the magnifying glass, came glasses themselves, which were essentially the same, but you could wear them on your face, making them much more user friendly and, letting you use both of your hands whilst you wear them. Science and technology enabled huge advancements in the materials used for both the frames and the lenses which can completely bespoke for the user, making use of super lightweight materials and prescription lenses that offer the very best vision to the person using them.

Contact lenses

Aren’t as new age as you might think, some records show that the idea of contact lenses illustrated as far back as the 1500’s. Between then and today, things have changed massively. There are various types of contact lenses ranging from hard lenses that almost feel like glass but last a long time, all the way through to daily disposables that ‘once part of your daily routine’ you’d never know you were wearing them. The manufacturing of lenses can also be bespoke, specifically designed for the person’s shape of eye and their needs. Before taking any contact with Online Opticians.

Digital devices

The world of technology is something of pure amazement, something like a pair of glasses that have digitally controlled optical abilities are a perfect example. If somebody told you, even 50 years ago that things like artificially enhanced vision using a digital device would be possible you might have thought they were crazy. Well, with the use of things like infrared and thermal imaging technologies those same people have proved to be absolutely spot on!

High street and online opticians 

Of the 250 million registered visually impaired people in the world, roughly 35 million of those people are completely blind, but have managed to get help from the abundance of high street opticians available and, even online services. So, if you think you might be one of the billion unregistered people, make an appointment and see what he can do for you.

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